1 thought on “Delta at 30: We joined in laying foundation stones of Delta State, don’t abandon us; retirees tell Okowa

  1. What kind of wickedness is this. That someone will serve his state for 35 years, and will not be paid his pension after retirement even though he contirbuted 7.5% to the pension scheme?
    Gov Okowa pl know that the pfas can not pay the retirees their entitlements unless you pay first the state government’s counterparts contributions.
    There is joy in celebration of 30 years of existence of Delta State only when you correct the injustice being done to Local Govt and Primary School Retirees when you pay them their pensions and gratuities. To shift the burden of payments to the Local Govt Councils who did not know how the pension scheme was put together or who can not afford it, is sin before God.
    Your celebration and thanksgiving will only be accepted by God if you rescue these suffering Local Govt and Primary School Retirees.
    Act now before it is too late.

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