6 thoughts on “VIO have no business stopping private vehicles—Judgment

  1. A nice and refreshing news. And these same officials still line up the roads, especially around the Effurun roundabout area. How I wish the public becomes enlightened with this news and challenge every stop done on their cars. If court charges are brought against these officials and heavy fines imposed, they will finally take lessons and a saner society created.

  2. The same case with Enugu state, they even enguauge the services of some reckless Police Officers who abuse the drivers.

    I hope the law is the same thing.

  3. Thank you Barrister for standing up for fellow Nigerians. Kindly help me with a copy of the judgement through my mail box : [email protected].

    I want to use it as a precedent judgement and get solace for commuters in KANO.
    Thank you

  4. This VIOs take the laws into their hands a lot. They do jobs that don’t belong to them. This ugly trend should be challenged by all

  5. Okowa boys is another problem. These boys stopped every Sienna cars or motor entering Onitsha before head Bridge. Demanding for local government papers, worth about 60k. Saying that Delta state government allow them to do that on everybody both commercial and private car owners. Even when they see that private green plate number. Please help us is serious matter. Am afraid of traveling with my Sienna car. Thank sir and God bless. Raphael Aghanya.

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